When to Play…

It is GREAT to enjoy sex as long as consent has been made clear.

Consent can be talked about directly or given through the actions, words and sounds of your partner.

Know the signs that show they want it, such as…

  • Looking at you, smiling and nodding
  • Being relaxed and happy
  • Being enthusiastic and responsive
  • Telling you what they want
  • Responding to you with their body, including kissing you back and touching you
  • Murmuring sweet nothings into your ear

They might also say things like:

  • ‘I like that’
  • ‘That feels good’
  • ‘Do that again’
  • ‘Do it this way’
  • ‘Touch me here’

These signs show that the person you are with is happy and gives their consent to what is happening at that moment.

Know when to